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Meet Emma

Emma is an experienced naturopath who seeks to assist you in regaining confidence in managing your health. She wishes to bring about total well-being by re-directing the narrative of your personal health story. 

My Specializations

Emma has worked with many different individuals over the years. Emma works hard to find the root cause of any health problem in order to restore total well-being.

Gut Health

Women’s Health

Thyroid Health

Skin conditions

Stress & Energy

Allergies & Intolerances

Children's health

Men's health

Hormone support

Evidence Based Practice

All recommendations are based upon the latest research; operating from an evidence-based practice perspective. Emma strives to stay up-to-date with the latest information,  which serves as the foundation for all treatment programs.

What Patients Say

"Emma is highly knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful with helping me get back to feeling like myself."

Heidi Miller


Contact Me

Level 7,  719 / 1C Burdett St

Hornsby, NSW, 2077


Tel: (02) 9476 6888

Mob: 0435 609 957

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